Nilfisk SC50

Case Studies

Carnegie Robotics’ capabilities are broad and deep: perception, positioning, motion and path planning, power, computing, manipulation, and mobility/platform design. Customers partner with us to apply one or more of these capabilities to solve a particular problem; to convert an existing platform into an autonomous system; or to create a custom-designed, mobile robot.

Carnegie Robotics is partnered with Nilfisk A/S to build advanced and intuitive autonomous floor cleaning robots. The Advance Liberty SC50 is the first product that will result from this collaboration. The SC50 is a stand-on scrubber/dryer that can be operated autonomously or manually and features two operating modes. In Copy Cat mode, the operator trains the autonomy system by cleaning a space manually.  Later, the SC50 can “replay” those paths autonomously, allowing the operator to perform other activities nearby. With Fill-in mode, the operator drives the room perimeter and the SC50 automatically plans a path to clean the interior of the space. With its proprietary sensor suite and software, the scrubber/dryer recognizes unknown obstacles as small as a tennis ball and then automatically maneuvers around them, making the Advance Liberty SC50 safe to use in open or congested spaces.

The SC50’s autonomy is powered by Carnegie Robotics-designed hardware and software optimized to operate Nilfisk scrubbers. Its multiple sensing modalities support different perception functions (positioning, obstacle detection and avoidance, drop-off and people detection, etc.) and autonomous operation in different interior spaces with varying size, floor, wall types, and lighting conditions. CR applied a proven simultaneous, localization, and mapping (SLAM) algorithm that underpins its industry-leading GPS-denied position estimation technology. CR will supply and support the sensors and embedded computers that form the autonomy kit to Nilfisk.

Liberty SC50

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