MultiSense SL Example Data Files

Developer Resources

Compressed bag files from the Multisense-SL can be downloaded here.  Additional data files will be posted to this topic as they become available.


To begin processing bag files install ROS Fuerte. Installation instructions can be found in the Multisense ROS driver documentation.

After downloading the bag files execute the following commands in the directory where the bag files are located; this will decompress the bag files so that they can processed by ROS.

 source /opt/ros/fuerte/setup.bash
    rosbag decompress <bag_file_name>

To play the bag files back on the system first open a separate terminal and execute:

    source /opt/ros/fuerte/setup.bash

Next open a new terminal and change directories to the location of the decompressed bag files. Executing the following command will play the data in a bag file in a loop.

     source /opt/ros/fuerte/setup.bash
     rosbag play -l <decompressed_bag_file_name>

For more options on replaying bag files execute:

    source /opt/ros/fuerte/setup.bash
    rosbag play -h

To view all the topics being published from the bag file execute the following in a separate terminal: 

     source /opt/ros/fuerte/setup.bash
     rostopic list

To visualize the data in the ROS Rviz visualization program execute the following in a separate terminal:

    source /opt/ros/fuerte/setup.bash
    rosrun rviz rviz

Download the following rviz_config.vcg configuration file and open it in Rviz by navigating to File > Open Config and selecting the downloaded rviz_config.vcg.

To extract specific data from the bag file without using rosbag play please see the rosbag API