Reliable Robotics Components
& Custom Solutions

Carnegie Robotics designs, manufactures and supports highly reliable robotics systems and components that help improve productivity, reliability and safety, while reducing cost and increasing profitability for our customers.  Our target markets include the agricultural, mining, defense, heavy equipment and oil and gas production industries, as well as other markets in which advanced field robotics provides measurable return on investment.  We maintain a strategic relationship with Carnegie Mellon's National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC) from which we spun-out of in 2010. 

We have made advanced sensors, sensor integration and basic autonomy our primary product focus, Our robust sensors are used by many of the top teams in DARPA’s humanoid “Robotics Challenge”, and are used to explore tunnels, mines and underground pipes. We also provide engineering services in design and development of custom robotic equipment and solutions.

For customer support or assistance with startup and configuration of a new sensor product, please visit our customer support page