MIT's DRC Team Posts Terrain Traversal Videos

MIT's DRC Team has recent posted some impressive videos of their ATLAS Robot walking over obstacles using 3D data from our MultiSense SL.

This first video, from April 2014, shows world model building and path planning from just the SL's continuously rotating planar laser.  

ALTAS walking over terrain enabled by Driftless Motion Estimation fusing MultiSense SL LIDAR, kinematics, and inertial information. Note: motion captures cameras were NOT used here.  A set of footsteps are formulated on the terrain course by the user and then executed continuously without human input. The alignment of the steps are adjusted while walking using the state estimate and each adjusted step is fed to the controller.

A second video, posted in September 2014, shows the same 3D world model building process but only stereo data from the MultiSense SL is used.  The high-rate 3D stereo data enables the ATLAS to navigate the terrain obstacle more quickly and in the future could allow for quick response to changes in the environment. 

This video demonstrates two features: 1) The use of stereo depth fusion of MultiSense stereo data using Kintinuous (originally used to build large maps with Kinect data) to a quality which matches LIDAR data. The heightmap shown was used to place the required footsteps a priori while stationary.