DRC Finals

Carnegie Robotics was on-hand at the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals, or DRC on June 5th and 6th, 2015.  We had a booth in the DRC Expo area and spent two days talking to the the thousands of visitors and roboticists who attended and watched the exciting Trials.

We were excited to see the six Track B teams compete in the event.  All Track B teams use the Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics, which features a Carnegie Robotics MultiSense SL sensor as the main perception system -- or as one 6 year old in our booth excitedly noted, "Look Mom.. it's Atlas's head!"  The DRC Track B teams that competed:

Additionally, five other DRC teams built their own robots and deployed sensors from Carnegie Robotics, namely:

Steve DiAntonio, Matt Alvarado, and Chris Osterwood had a great time at the event.  It was quite something to see such a large crowd of people cheering when points were awarded to teams and groaning when robots fell.  

Visualization of DRC Finals from MIT Team

To give you a sense of how operators controlled these robots from remote stations, I recommend watching this visualization from MIT's DRC team.  It shows MultiSense SL data from their first finals run.  The video shows the SL's LIDAR data, sometimes colorized using the SL's on-board camera, stereo data from the SL, as well as overlays showing how MIT's software interprets the live data streams and allows operators to make decisions and navigate this complex (for a robot) course.

This video shows MIT's first DRC Finals Run on Friday the 6th, scoring 7 to 8 points.  After some faults on their seconds run, they finished sixth.  More information about their runs is on their website at http://drc.mit.edu