Dr. David LaRose rejoins Carnegie Robotics as Chief Scientist


David LaRose has over 25 years of experience in robotics and computer vision. In addition to his current work at CRL, he has successfully commercialized technologies in the biomedical, environmental, military, energy, and agricultural markets. His inventions have been used in hundreds of operating rooms worldwide during fluoroscopic and orthopedic procedures, in biotech labs for computer-vision-based drug discovery, in active coal mines to predict conveyor belt failures, and in self-driving cars as part of the world’s first commercially deployed autonomous transportation services fleet. Prior to co-founding Carnegie Robotics, Dr. LaRose worked at Carnegie Mellon University, where his research led to the successful commercialization of systems ranging from an automated seedling inspection system for use in commercial farming to an award-winning robotic hydroblasting system that safely removes toxic paint from the hulls of large ships using high-pressure water.

Dr. LaRose holds a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, and a Bachelor’s degree from Brown University. He holds nine US patents for inventions currently in use in the medical devices, biotech, and automotive industries, and has a strong track record of delivering working systems based on cutting-edge technology.