How to Choose a 3D Vision Technology

I am pleased to announce that my talk about how Carnegie Robotics selects 3D Vision technologies for our custom system developments is now public.  This presentation was given at the 2017 Embedded Vision Summit in May and included a great question and answer period after my remarks.

In the talk, I discuss the technology within LIDARs, ToF Camera, as well as Stereo Cameras.  General advantages and disadvantages of each of these sensor modalities are also outlined.  The presentation includes some qualitative results from these industrial 3D sensors as well as a sample of quantitative sensor testing we've done here at Carnegie Robotics.

We've found that there is no perfect sensor for all applications.  System integrators must consider the operating environment, the platform, and (most importantly) the nature of the perception task when selecting a 3D sensor.

We here at Carnegie Robotics build Stereo Cameras, but use all of these different modalities in the custom development projects we work on.  If you have needs in developing or integrating any of these 3D perception systems, please get in contact with us.