Nodder HD

"Rugged and precise sensor manipulation"

Nodder HD articulates large sensors on user-defined motion profiles; outputs time-tagged sensor and position data.


  • Real-time user adjustable motion including continuous rotation
  • Sensor data and nodding angle measurement are synchronized
  • For laser payloads, outputs raw laser data appended with nodding angle and timestamp
  • Internal time base synchronized to user PPS
  • Diagnostics and fault reporting
  • Dedicated FPGA logic for time critical operations

Technical Details

Mechanical/EnvironmentalNodder HD
Operating Temperature-40 to +70 C
Environmental RatingIP68 and high pressure washdown
VibrationFull operation from 5 Hz to 2000 Hz, 4.2 G rms
Dimensions (L x W x H)306 x 320 x 98 mm
Weight6.03 kg
Payload3-4 kg
HousingAluminum with powdercoat finish
Voltage (nominal)10-36 VDC
Voltage (maximum)50 V for < 100 ms
Power (Nodder w/payload)150 W continuous capable (Power consumption varies with sensor payload and commanded motion.)
Power (Avail for Payload)80 W at 24 V (Other options possible, please inquire.)
External Connector ADeutsch DT Series (DT 15-08PA)(Power, enable, input PPS.)
External Connector BMolex Heavy Duty M12 (130303-5100)(CAT5 Ethernet.)
Motion Axis Encoder Resolution0.03º
Rotation Range360º continuous via internal slip ring
Mounting OrientationAny (Solid body inserts provided on two faces.)
Motion with 3 kg Payload
Angular Acceleration (max)1500º/sec2 (Max motion parameters can vary with payload inertia, mass and ambient temperature)
Time Synchronization External pulse input (e.g. Pulse-Per-Second) Time system with host (PPS mutually exclusive with external trigger
(due to limit of 1 external input). PPS signal sets sub-second time, while network message sets absolute time.
Network Interface1 CAT5 Ethernet port
ThroughputUp to 100 Mbps (Gigabit possible with connector and harness changes.)
Low-level ProtocolWire protocol specification (C++ and ROS API are possible, please inquire.)
IP Address AssignmentStatic (Configurable over wire protocol.
Laser StreamsLaser ranges, laser intensities, spindle angles (Spindle angles embedded in each laser scan message.)

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