Autonomous Solutions To Human Problems
Ruggedized autonomous products to full-stack solutions
Autonomous Vehicle Products Powered Products
  • Product suite supports autonomous solutions to AGV/UGV and AMR as well as productivity and safety upgrades to human-operated systems
  • Vision focused products were just the beginning, now offering AMR compute controllers, GNSS pose, and off-road AGV
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor rugged applications
  • Standard offerings with options for customization
  • Manufactured in the USA
Autonomous Vehicle Products Powered Solutions
  • End to end custom solutions to meet customer needs
  • Multidisciplinary engineering team with a proven process to rigorously attack the most challenging problems
  • History of project success in: Military, Mining, Agriculture, Industrial Cleaning, Industrial Inspection, Marine, Warehouse Automation
  • In house rapid prototyping capabilities allows for the fastest solutions while not sacrificing quality
Autonomous Hours of Autonomous Vehicle Products Powered Fleet Robots
Our Path To Autonomy
  • Spun out of Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute in 2010 with a mission to make an impact in the robotics industry through hardened products
  • Dr. John Bares, CEO, is a founding father of robotics after serving as Director of the National Robotics Engineering Center for 13 years
  • Military foundation that has led to commercial opportunities
  • Uber Advanced Technology Group born inside of CRL
  • Thoro.Ai born inside of CRL
  • Partner in largest single robotic system in the world
Manufacturing Services
  • Customer focused, quality driven manufacturing facilities
  • Certified to ISO 9001:2015 standard
  • Cutting edge manufacturing floor, paperless systems, data driven decisions
  • Invest in people; training, education, and practice Lean Manufacturing
Autonomy for Defense
  • Carnegie Robotics has been a Defense partner since day 1
  • DARPA RACER - Unmanned Ground Vehicles with a goal to move off-road at speeds on par with a human expert driver
  • US Army SREHD - Robotic explosive detection system, providing a new level of safety for soldiers
  • Additional Defense projects include vision based solutions, pose solutions, software-driven solutions to existing hardware, and database solutions for logistical workflows
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